About Us:

For over seventy-five years, Kentucky Paper Box has been producing custom rigid set-up boxes. It has grown from a regional supplier to one that has customers nationwide due to our close proximity to so many major markets and their fulfillment and distribution centers.

The reason for our long-term and continued success is simple... our strong dedication to servicing customers. Since the early beginning of our company, Kentucky Paper Box has prided itself on our reputation of being a service-oriented producer of quality packaging with competitive pricing.

With the recent acquisition in the latest and most advanced rigid box equipment we can further ensure this continued tradition in the present and into the future. This state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide precision quality, shortened lead-times, and extremely competitive pricing.

Aside from producing only the finest quality, customer satisfaction is the number one goal. The mission of Kentucky Paper Box is to understand the needs of our customers and exceed any expectations they might have. Over the years this has been the foundation of long-term success and continued growth.

What are rigid set-up boxes?

Rigid set-up boxes are the type of box that comes to you already formed up in the shape of a box. The manufacturing process combines paper, board, and glue into a beautifully finished rigid box. We take your custom size and form in out of recycled chipboard then laminate a paper wrap of your choice to the box giving you an attractive, high quality finished look.

Rigid set-up boxes are commonly used to package retail-oriented products such as gifts, stationary, board/card games, candies, cosmetics, greeting cards, DVD gift sets, and book gift sets. Rigid Boxes are used as a primary choice of package for commemorative sets, collections items, and other high dollar products because of it’s look, durability, and after-market value. Although rigid boxes are most visibly seen in gift packaging, they can also be designed to serve a lower-end, cost effective function as well.

We also custom manufacture transparent vinyl boxes most commonly used for packaging greetings cards and candy where the product itself is showcased. Transparent boxes allow for 100% visibility of packaged product so the customer sees and knows what they are getting. Transparent boxes are also referred to as vinyl or clear acetate boxes.

Benefits of Packaging:

Rigid construction give maximum protection and durability
High Consumer Appeal
Preformed box allows for easy fulfillment
Composed of recyclable materials
Box cost requires no additional charges for tooling compared to other types of packaging
No labor cost for assembly
Cost effective for small - large production runs
Flexible custom design


The two types of board most commonly used in rigid box packaging and stocked in our inventory are white vat and plain chip. Our board colors can be custom ordered but depend on quantity.

Rigid boxes can also be constructed without wrapping which is called plain-stay. This approach is extremely cost effective with much lower consumer appeal. Typically used in after point-of-purchase sales and to serve as product storage.


Paper used in wrapping a paperboard box has tremendous design flexibility. There are unlimited options in color, types, and graphic design. The most common papers used in custom designing rigid boxes are printed papers and specialty papers. These papers in our manufacturing process are referred to as wraps.

Printing options can range from simple PMS colors to high-end 4 Color Process graphic design with additional PMS colors. Kentucky Paper Box specializes in high-end graphics.

Specialty paper options have unlimited colors, embossing, and types. This option generally does require minimum order quantities and are not stocked. However, paper is generally readily available. Please refer to our preferred supplier’s web-site @ www.semperexeter.com for a better understanding and available options.

White Litho is the only paper we stock. This basic white paper is most commonly used to wrap the box base in a two piece box construction. Additionally, it is a common choice on lower-end boxes.


Protestants are extremely important to use when using a printed wrap to preserve the quality, durability, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a box. The basic coating used is aqueous. U.V. Coating serves as a sufficient Protestant with either a gloss or matte look. Film lamination is the premier coating applied much thicker ensuring maximum protection with a gloss or matte option.


Other options used in designing rigid boxes that further improve the appearance of your package include hot stamping and raised embossing. These processes are most commonly used to provide a simple, elegant, and added appeal. Hot stamping is commonly used in the design of transparent boxes.